How Can We Destroy The National Flag Of India?

What should we do if the national flag is damaged?

The Part II-2.2(xiii) clause of the Flag Code states that when the flag has been in a damaged or dirty condition, it should be destroyed as a whole, by fire or by any other means that is consistent with the dignity of the flag.

The damaged flag should be preferably put to fire..

The Flag Protection Act 1989 made it an offence to knowingly mutilate, deface, physically defile, burn or trample the US flag. In 1990 the US Supreme Court held in two cases that the Act was unconstitutional because it violated the free speech right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Why are old flags burned?

No, throughout history, burning or cremation has long been considered a dignified way of paying respect to the deceased and to objects worthy of veneration. Burning has been applied to flag retirement to offer the most reverent method of final tribute. Who is authorized to retire a U.S. Flag?

Who can use Indian flag on car?

Display on Motor Cars 3.44 The privilege of flying the National Flag on motor cars is limited to the:— (1) President; (2) Vice-President; (3) Governors and Lieutenant Governors; (4) Heads of Indian Missions/Posts abroad in the countries to which they are accredited; (5) Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers; …

Can we wash our national flag?

The best way we know to ensure ‘PAISA VASOOLI’ of your flag, is to keep three flags: one flying, one in the wash that is interchanged regularly with the first one & another 3rd clean one kept in reserve that is used only during special occasions or events & removed thereafter.

How can we respect our national flag?

Above all else, when considering proper flag etiquette, always remember to respect our flag during a public ceremony or during the playing of the National Anthem. When the flag is presented in this situation, you should face the flag and stand at attention with your right hand over your heart.

Can I put Indian flag on my house?

The Indian flag code was modified on 26th January 2002 which finally allowed citizens of India to hoist the Indian flag over their homes, offices and factories on any day of the year. Section 2 of the new code accepts the right of all private citizens to fly the flag on their premises.

Which is the national flag of India?

Flag of IndiaNameTiraṅgā (meaning “Tricolor”)UseNational flagProportion2:3Adopted22 July 1947DesignA horizontal triband of India saffron, white, and India green; charged with a navy blue wheel with 24 spokes in the centre.4 more rows

Why do we need flags?

Why do countries have flags? … Flags are national symbols. Every country has got a specific flag as their national symbol. The first flags were flown in the 18th century to tell others that we own a piece of land (‘proclaim a possession’) and that we rule over the people and land (‘proclaim sovereignty’).

Why is it important to have a national flag?

Its design and colors symbolizes countries and identify their values, beliefs and history in different ways. Each flag represents its own country and nation all around the world and conveys specific messages. … In my opinion, every person should show respect and honor to each flag doesn’t matter which flag of a country.

How do you destroy a flag?

According to the U.S. Flag Code, “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning”. While this is the preferred way to dispose a flag, it can also be dangerous.

Can we fly Indian flag at night?

Indian citizens can now fly the National Flag even at night. NEW DELHI: Indian citizens can now fly the National Flag even at night. This is subject to the condition that the flagpole is really tall and the flag itself well-illuminated.