Quick Answer: How Many Days Before A Fight Is The Weigh In UFC?

How does weight work in UFC?

The rules of UFC weight classes Fighters are allowed to weigh an extra pound heavier than the weight limit.

For title fights, however, fighters must weigh at or below the weight limit for their division.

UFC fighters can’t weigh far below the limit though..

Why don t fighters weigh in the day of a fight?

If you are dehydrated, there is less fluid, and thus less cushioning around the brain. … Weighing in a day before gives them enough time to rehydrate no matter what; same day weigh-ins would lead to dehydrated fighters.

Why are weigh ins the day before?

From a marketing standpoint, the major reason why weigh-ins are held the day before the event is to build momentum heading towards the fight and pick up more pay-per-view buys, or network broadcast viewers. A good stare-down, or better yet, a spontaneous shoving match goes a long way in pumping up a fight.

How long before a UFC fight is the weigh in?

In the new format, fighters weigh-in during a two-hour window, typically between 9-11 a.m. local, and then at many events return for a ceremonial weigh-in for the fans in the afternoon.