Quick Answer: Is It OK To Say No Problem?

Why Saying No problem is a problem?

So, what is the problem with “No problem?” Many people in the service industry use the phrase “no problem” as a worthy substitute for “you’re welcome.” To them, “no problem” means that they were glad to offer the services they provided and that they were simply happy to help you— a contextual definition that speaks to ….

What do you reply when someone says no worries?

1 Answer. Both “OK” and “Thank you” are good answers to conclude that part of the conversation. Their response of “Don’t worry about it” can also be a conclusion to the conversation.

What’s the meaning of No worries?

do not worry about thatNo worries is an expression seen in English meaning “do not worry about that”, “that’s all right”, “she’ll be alright”, “over the shoulder”, “forget about it” or “sure thing”. It is similar to the standard English “no problem”. … It has also gained usage in Canadian English .

Is say what rude?

You can say “Yes, what’s up”. This way, you’re saying “yes” as well as “what”, and it’s more casual but not rude at all.

Is sure rude?

If asked a question that would warrant a “yes “ or “no” answer saying sure could be seen as being rude. Usually it means the person didn’t understand the question and instead of asking for clarity or for the question to be repeated they would say “sure”. … Sure… not rude, but annoying.

When a guy says no problem what does that mean?

You say ‘no problem’ to let someone know that you do not mind them doing something they have said they are going to do. [informal, spoken]

Is no problem unprofessional?

In other words, it can be a disingenuous phatic expression said reflexively. Other terms of politeness, including “no problem,” are also commonly used in this way. The fact is “you’re welcome” and “no problem” aren’t all that different. They can be sincere replies or reflexive expressions of politeness.

What can I say instead of No Problem?

No Problem SynonymsYou’re welcome (F)Sure thing (I)No worries (I)Cool (I)It’s all gravy (I)It’s all right (I)Certainly (F)Of course (F)More items…•

Is it okay to say no problem when someone says thank you?

“No problem” is appropriate when someone is thanking you for doing them a favor — something you went a little out of your way for out of kindness or consideration.

Is saying no problem rude?

Some older people find the expression, particularly when employed in the service industry, to be rude, implying that a reasonable request could have been received as problematic or unwelcome. However, in the culture of younger Americans, no problem is often used as a more conversational alternative to you’re welcome.

What is slang for no problem?

One slang way Bart Simpson uses for ‘no problem’ is atually a common mistranslation of the phrase into Spanish, “no problemo”. Another common way to say ‘no problem’, meaning that something is easy to do or means little or no effort is ‘no sweat’.

Is it rude not to say you’re welcome?

Is it rude to not say “you’re welcome” when someone thanks you for a compliment? … If you need the words “Your welcome(the welcome is yours),” or “You’re welcome(you are welcome),” then that in and of itself is rude, as there are other responses to acknowledge a thank you that do not involve those exact words.

What does no problem at all mean?

informal. 1 —used to say that one is happy to do something”Thanks for your help.” “No problem.” 2 —used to say that one is not bothered by something”I’m sorry for interrupting you.” “No problem.”