Why There Is No Number Plate On President Car?

Who is the president of India?

Ram Nath KovindIndia/President.

What is the rarest license plate?

It wasn’t just any piece of metal, but a 1921 Alaska plate. One of only four known to exist, it is the holy grail of a little-known hobby: license plate collecting.

What is the most expensive license plate?

Today, a businessman named Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri was willing to pay 52.2 dirham — the equivalent of $14.3 million — for the local license plate labeled “1” at an auction at the 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, making it the world’s most expensive license plate.

Is the prime minister car bulletproof?

They feature a number of security features, including a 13 mm explosive resistant steel plate underneath the body, titanium and Kevlar lined cabins, armoured windows with bullet resistant polycarbonate toughened glass, and run flat tyres.

What is IND in number plate?

“IND” is an acronym of India. Many vehicles have a special type of embossed number plates on which IND is written with a hologram. The word “IND” is part of a list of features of the High Security Number Plates that were introduced as a part of 2005 amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

Which car does Modi use?

After Singh, current Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office and is driven in a heavily fortified, petrol powered BMW 7-Series 760 Li luxury sedan, commissioned specially for him. However, Modi switched his official state car to an armoured Range Rover Sport.

Why President car has no number plate?

As of now, the vehicles of these authorities have the state emblem of India and not the registration mark. … Not having a number plate is a violation of Section 41(6) of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and this was pointed out by a petition which was filed in the Delhi high court, reported Hindustan Times.

Is it mandatory to have IND number plate?

Motorists are not required to use an IND number plate for their vehicle in the city. … However, in case they are being fined for not using an IND plate, the motorist is asked to report the incident on WhatsApp for further action on the official.

Which car does Indian president use?

The President of India travels in the black Mercedes Benz S600 (W221) Pullman Guard approx 6 crore. It’s a custom-built, heavily armored limousine which meets the requirements of the highest protection class VR6/VR7. The armor is designed to protect against military rifle shots.

What is the most expensive number?

Top 5 Most Expensive Number Plates1 – €8 million.5 – €4 million. … F1 – €498,000. … 1D – €398,000. Unfortunately, the ‘1D’ number plate does not belong to the world-famous pop group One Direction. … M1 – €373,000. Mike McCoomb paid €373,000 for the ‘M1’ number plate back in 2006. …

What is the salary of an Indian President?

Rs 5 lakh per monthPresident – Rs 5 lakh The President of India receives the highest salary among Indian politicians with a basic salary of Rs 5 lakh per month, along with various other compensations and benefits.

Who is the longest President of India?

Prasad, from Bihar, was the first president of independent India and also the longest-serving president, as the only president to serve two or more terms in office.

Who owns number plate No 1?

#1. This plate was bought at auction by a Ferrari Trader who bought it to put on his rare Ferrari 250 SWB that was previously owned by Eric Clapton. To date, this is the most expensive plate that has ever been sold by the DVLA and by quite a significant margin.

Which car has no number plate in India?

Answer – Prime Minister and Governor’s cars do not have number plates. Because their car has an Ashoka sign in place of the number plate.

How do I get an IND number plate?

Visit the official site: https://bookmyhsrp.com/Index.aspx….You will be asked to fill in details such as Vehicle Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Owner Name, Address, Mobile Number, Vehicle Class, Vehicle Type, Fuel type. … After clicking submit a username and password will be sent to the registered mobile number.More items…•

Who is the president List of India?

Ram Nath KovindIndia/President

Why Ind is written on number plates?

High security number plates are vehicle license plates standard across all states in India. Made of aluminium featuring a unique laser-etched code below the IND (international registration code for India) and the Ashoka Chakra hologram. The registration number is hot stamped with IND engraved at a 45-degree angle.

Which car does Bill Gates have?

Bill Gates – Porsche 959 he has got one more rare car in his collection and that is the 1991 Porsche 911, Carrera. Alternatively, he owns a bunch of Mercedes, Lamborghinis and Ferraris!